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Monday, August 4, 2014

A Fun Blog Quiz Link!

Do you know what makes a great blog that attracts attention and draws an audience? Are you new to the blogosphere and unsure if your blog will get followers? Does the niche you are blogging about seem like a strong topic of interest to only you or will it be enticing to others as well? Here's a fun four question quiz created by A-List Blogging to test your knowledge on what aspects create a successful blog. This is a great quiz to take especially if you are know to the blogosphere and contemplating starting your first blog. Everyone wants there blog to be seen by a multitude of followers and to create content that is interesting. This quiz will give you a nice starting off point and as a reward for doing well you are given a cute "Blogging Hero" badge to show your prowess when it comes to blog knowledge! This is a brief, fun, quiz this arms bloggers with the required skills needed to design a blog that will be interesting in topic, and appeal to the masses! The link for this four question quiz is below and the badge you receive if you score well is that happy little superhero guy at the top of this post! So what are you waiting for? Take this four question quiz and see if your blog measures up to them standards to achieve success or gain the tools required to create a first class blog if you have yet to create one of your own!

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Blog Success 2" /></a><p>Created by <a href="">A List Blogging</a></p>