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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yellow = Happiness

Sunny colored flowers soak up sun

The color yellow always seems to brighten up a dreary day just by the sight of the sunny hue.  Yellow adds a lightness, a sense of positivity, when one feels down.  How can a color possibly improve your mood?  I challenge you to look at a photo of a field of sunflowers and not relax at the sight.  Yellow encourages our brains to produce feel good endorphins which flood our bodies giving the sensation of happiness if only for a short time.

Cheerful pompom shaped flowers capture the eye

Perhaps the correlation between the color yellow and the brilliant sunshine have something to do with the happiness we feel upon spying objects colored completely in yellow.  Sunny days bring the opportunity to venture outdoors, enjoying activities only able to be performed outside.  When we see the bright sun shining high in the sky, we know we can venture outdoors to the limitless horizon.  We feel free and unhindered by the shackles of daily life.  So therefore the connection between the radiant sun and our sense of freedom goes hand and hand with one another.

Golden yellow sunshine glows from the sun's core

The hue of yellow brings to mind smilely faces, and bright moments in life.  Yellow is a shade that should be celebrated! I have included a poem about the positive aspects of the color that I chose to include here.


Happiness fills my heart with joy
dark clouds scatter away
sapphire sky shines brilliantly
sun appears to light the day

Opening the door to blinding light
cast from beams above
cautiously venturing out of doors
pursuing activities I love 

Light winds slightly bend flower heads
as if clamoring for attention
I construct a garland of dandelions
curling stems with intense definition

Sitting amongst yellow blossoms
helps improve my attitude
sunny flowers born from Earth are why
yellow is my favorite mood.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Smile Baby Smile!

What makes me smile when I'm down? My cat of 12 yrs! Excerpt on smiling complete with cute cat captures! :-)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Healing the Blues Through Photography

Writing excerpt about how to use the beauty of nature to fight the blues.  Includes photos from nature walks taken this week!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Favorite Fall Things!

Fall is my favorite season without a doubt!  The leaves on the trees turn various shades of yellow, red, and orange.  The bright yellow school buses can be seen (and heard) throughout the neighborhood as children head back for another year of school.  Finally one of my favorite fall things? Gooey caramel apples covered with peanuts! There are many wonderful things to celebrate about fall.  What is your favorite thing about fall?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Writers Unite!

How many established or budding writers are out there on a daily basis trying to be noticed by potential clients?  This summer I packed up my teaching supplies after many years in the educational system in order to create my own writing company, thus following my lifelong passion. But the process behind creating a company was a lot more than I imagined!  Obtaining EIN numbers, business bank accounts, business PayPal accounts, I wondered when I could actually start writing! Finally, when I could start to create, I found myself having to prove myself through writing proposals and taking tests for websites.  I just want to write! I started this company to share my talent with the world, but I have a hard time wading through the initial steps required to start the writing company in order to write.  Then there were employers who looked at your writing, praised it, then were never heard from again! This was disheartening.  How do writers gain needed exposure when they can barely get a foot in the door?  How do you, fellow writers, deal with the issues of employers not getting back, or losing an assignment to one rated lower than you?  I am very happy to be free from the daily grind, and I feel much more positive now especially when I write about a topic that excites me! But I would love to know how fellow writers/bloggers deal with starting out in the world of writing!