Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Author Interview: A.M Clark, Creator of "The Betrayal"

Written By: Jennifer L. Roche

Rainbows of Happiness LLC

I had the pleasure of interviewing A.M Clark creator of "The Betrayal" available in ebook format at Smashwords.com, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.com.  "The Betrayal" deals with the topic of domestic violence, and Clark draws you into her story using such poignant images that her characters seem to leap from the pages into your heart.  Read about Clark's journey to becoming a published author in her interview.
1. How long have you been writing?
I've enjoyed writing ever since I was a child.  I remember when I was nine years old, my class use to have half an hour of "sustained silent writing" after lunch each day.  The other kids in my class would waste as much time as possible, but I would sit there and write pages and pages of stories.  It was my favorite thing.

2.  As a new writer, what was your biggest obstacle to overcome when trying to publish your work?
For now, I've opted to go the self-published route.  So far I've only "dipped my toe in the water" with a couple of short stories.  There haven't been any obstacles per say- more of a huge learning curve to get up to speed with proper formatting, sizing book covers, and trying to make contacts. The biggest challenge is actually getting people to read your stuff.

3.  Your newest piece, "The Betrayal", is a short story. Do you write in any other genres?
Short fiction is my passion.  However I do have a couple of romance novels sitting on my hard drive, but they need a bit of work.

4.  What compels you to write?
For me, writing is total self-expression.  There's something so freeing about telling a story the way you want to.  You can then put it out to an audience to see how their interpretation differs from your intended meaning.  It's a fascinating process!

5.  The characters you created for "The Betrayal" seem so real and animated in the story.  Where do you find inspiration for your characters?
All my characters are inspired by people I know or have met.  I love to combine the attributes of two or more people together to create a character.  Like most writers, I also enjoy people-watching.

6.  In your new story, "The Betrayal", you write about domestic violence.  What made you choose this topic?
I worked for an organization that helped people, (mainly women), who were victims of domestic violence.  Though thecstory itself is not based on any specific case, the male character, "Stan", is a very typical profile of an abuser.  Many people often ask, "why don't victims just leave?"  It's a good question, one that I use to ask before I worked in the sector.  The short answer is: leaving often puts victims in more danger.  Many murders happen after a victim has told their abuser that the relationship is over.

7.  Do you feel that people are able to identify with the stories you create?  In what ways?
I hope people can identify with the characters I create.  I always try to leave a few "gaps" ina character's profile that the reader can fill in themselves.  I know many readers like a description of a character down to the length of their toenails.  But as a reader, I like to imagine some of the character's details myself, so I try to do the same for my readers.

8.  What traits do you feel are important for a writer to possess?
I think introverts make the best writers.  Writing is a solitary activity, so it's great for someone, (like me), who enjoys their own company, and can hack going all day long without talking to anyone else.  You also have to be incredibly self-motivated and persistent.  It involves sitting down and disciplining yourself to write.  The drive to keep going has to come from within.

9.  If you were not able to be a writer, what other career would you pursue?
Good question!  Previously I've worked as a journalist, that might be something I'd consider pursuing again.

10.  What is the next writing piece you are working on?
I'm working on a collection of short stories based around a single theme. It's an exciting project!

11.  What future writing goals do you have?
Right now, I'm focused on finishing my current book, and gaining more of a following.  I've thought about script writing, but that's definitely a long term goal.

12.  If you could offer advice to a new writer in the industry, what would you say?
I would encourage new writers not to hesitate in putting their writing into the public domain.  I know I was afraid of getting negative reviews, but actually I've struggled to get any reaction at all!  So if you have a writing piece, and its been professionally proofread, then go for it!

13.  When you're not writing, what hobbies and interests do you enjoy?
My number one interest right now, is my two month old son!  Parenthood isn't easy, but I'm enjoying getting to know my son- he's awesome!  I also enjoy yoga, travel, reading, and running.

14.  Who has been your biggest supporter in your journey to becoming a published author?
My husband has been my number one supporter.  If he didn't have my back, I don't know that I would be doing this.

15.  What websites can help people locate more of your work?
You can find me on Smashwords.com, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Amazon.  I'm also on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn- so friend, follow, and add me as a connection!

Thank you A.M Clark, in allowing the world to learn more about you and your writing!  Best of luck with your upcoming stories!

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