Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Fragrance Created by a Familiy with a History

Many companies are involved in the perfume and cosmetic industry, but few date back as far as 1914! MNG Cut Perfume for women is a creation from Antonio Puig, maker of fine scents for women,    whose family has been involved in all aspects of the perfume making process!  This company has a history of dedication when it comes to perfume. This holiday, surprise that special someone with a bottle of MNG by Antonio Puig.   MNG Cut Perfume for Women is available at 99 for an excellent price.  MNG is a gentle, soft, and delicate scent.  It comprises an invigorating mix of  mandarin, neroli, black locust, jasmine, lotus, and notes of musk.  This scent is perfect to wear every day due to its light, airy scent.  It isn't overpowering to others around you. It's an excellent holiday gift for any woman in your life, Since Antonio Puig, and his family have been experimenting with fragrance combinations for decades it's like spraying a part of history onto yourself each time you wear it!

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