Thursday, July 31, 2014

Why I Keep Going Back to Google +


   With so many options available through social media, one might wonder why i consistently frequent Google+ over the other available social media platforms.  The answer is simple - no fake fronts and genuinely honest, caring individuals who aren't just out to further themselves.  Sure not every individual I add to my circles is this way,  but a majority of this social media platform is comprised of friendly, positive individuals who are looking to connect with other like-minded individuals. 
     You may be asking, "Isn't that what all social media sites are like?"
      Sadly the response is no. While many sites begin with the purest of intentions at their conception, something happens along the way to sidetrack them from seeing this vision through to fruitition.
      The creation of intimate communities created for specific topics allow Google+ (or G+) members to connect with other individuals that share their interests.
      Regular circle shares between members allow individuals to share their posted content with a broader audience, resulting in more content exposure. 
     The key to creating lasting friendships among G+ members is to dive in with both hands.  You need to be active on G+ by plussing posts by other members, providing feedback, and adding content of your own.  This is especially essential when you first join G+.  As you continue to make your way through the "Googlesphere" you will start to find your niche.  People from all over the world use G+, and before you realize it you will have found a large group of like-minded individuals whose personalities mirror your own!  Some wonderful, caring friendships have been created between individuals who may never meet, yet they check in daily with one another to just say hi and show they care.
     I'm not saying that G+ is flawless in its creation, no social media platform is, but it does allow people with similar interest and idealologies to intermingle in one place and is always evolving in attempts to further enhance the user's experience. 
     A circle of friends spanning the globe is what G+ creates.  Friendships, networking, caring individuals? Sign me up for Google+!

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